5 Best Free Guitar Tab Websites

The most common delusion about playing guitar is, “if you can’t read music, you cannot play guitar.” This is absolutely wrong. Nowadays, there are so many accessible alternatives to play guitar without reading music. One of the most used ways is Guitar Tab or Tablature.

Guitar tab is a kind of musical notation that specifies instrument fingering on the fretboard. It is the best option for beginners as it makes music too easy to visualize. The best thing is, now guitar tabs are widely available online in the best free guitar tab websites.

However, the problem is, there are many guitar tab websites filled with junk. Those websites can provide incorrect guitar notations. It becomes challenging to identify whether it is right or wrong, especially for the beginners.

The newbie guitar players mostly don’t know where to look on the websites to learn their favorite songs. For those guitar players, we’ll look at the 5 best free guitar tab websites. They are absolutely free and include accurate guitar tabs.

5 Best Free Guitar Tab Websites
5 Best Free Guitar Tab Websites

5 Best Free Guitar Tab Websites

The guitar tab is the easiest way to read and practice your favorite songs. You can either buy a transcription book to imitate music or find song transcription on a guitar tab website. The transcription book doesn’t include updated songs and also are hard to access.

On the other hand, the guitar tab website includes countless music and is updated from time to time. You can quickly get access to learn any of your favorite music. Also, you can take the help of those websites to mimic your preferred musical heroes in no time.

Here we’ve gathered a list of 5 best free guitar tab websites. We found them reliable and a great option to get started. Here is a quick view of our best free guitar tab websites for those who are in a rush.

  • Ultimate Guitar
  • Songsterr
  • Guitar Pro Tabs
  • YouTube
  • Guitar Tab Universe

Now, we’ll review and go through each website to help you understand it better. Take a look to find the accurate guitar tabs on the following websites.

1. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is one of the most well-known and comprehensive guitar tab websites available online. If you have been searching for guitar tab websites, you’ve likely seen the name everywhere.

The website includes a vast collection of guitar tabs. So, you can find literally everything you need. Ultimate Guitar was first launched in 1998. Since then, they have over 10 million registered users on their website.

Here the user can submit any guitar tabs, and it has over 1.1 million submitted guitar tabs right now. There are Top 100 and Fresh Tabs sections, which include something new for you to play.

There is also a dedicated tab player that includes Guitar Pro files. You can upgrade to the Ultimate Guitar Pro section to get the best-quality guitar tabs. The website also provides plenty of lessons, articles, and a large forum.

Ultimate guitar

These sections keep you updated with music-related news. Most of these articles contain handy insights and explanations of several musical techniques and concepts. Some articles include absolutely bad advice.

Here you should look after the comments and ratings for different articles. Also, there may have some inaccurate tabs. That’s why you should check the scores of the tabs. Other than that, it is a great way to find high-rated and accurate tabs.

2. Songsterr

Songsterr is another popular guitar tab website on the internet. They have a website and an app containing a clean and modern layout. It means you can find the tabs with any ads coming in the way.

It’s a free collaborative and interactive guitar tab website. The website maintains one tab per song rather than a folder with multiple versions. Though it doesn’t have tabs like Ultimate Guitar, it still claims to have over 500,000 songs.


Moreover, Songsterr is considered the Wikipedia of guitar tab website. That’s because it allows the user to edit the tab. The site is also a free online tab player. You can playback the tabs with your audible midi instruments.

It helps you to understand what the tabs sound like. When you become familiar with the tabs, it makes your life easier. There are in-built interfaces that allow us to play, pause, and adjust the sound of different tracks.

The best part is that Songsterr has a pro version that requires a subscription. It provides more control over playback, and you can mute individual tracks. But, the free version is enough for the most guitar player.

3. Guitar Pro Tabs

Guitar Pro Tabs is best known for offering accurate tabs. You have to download individual tabs with a free of cost. You’ll need to download either the official Guitar Pro Software or other alternative software like Tux Guitar. Only then can they see the tabs.

The website includes plenty of Guitar Pro Files containing countless songs. You can get access through downloading each song. This is good in a way that you know what you are getting. Each downloaded tabs are playable in Guitar Pro.

It means you can play the tab back to listen to the song. That’s how you can learn a new song quicker. However, for many users, this seems frustrating to download the tabs. It somehow makes the website less convenient than others. Except that, it offers excellent collections with easy to read notations.

Guitar tab pro

4. YouTube

YouTube is most accessible and one of the best guitar tab websites out there. It has massive resources for guitar learners. The best part of YouTube is that you can get a video instruction of individual tabs. You can see the guitarist performing.

This makes it easier for beginners to read the tabs comfortably. You can watch exactly where their fingers are going for different tracks. Then, you can match the instruction.

Moreover, finding any tab is also easy; only add Guitar Tab with any songs or music. You’ll get multiple suggestions for the same song. It means you have a lot of options to find the most accessible tab according to your skill.

If we compare, YouTube may have less collection of guitar tabs than others. However, YouTube is an easily accessible and better supplementary resource for learning guitar.

5 Best Free Guitar Tab Websites

5. Guitar Tab Universe

Guitar Tab Universe is one of the senior guitar tab websites over the internet. The website is popular for its easy and clean interface. It also doesn’t contain any blasted ads or popups to divert your attention.

The website contains a range of text-based songs. This format is new for any guitar tabs but gaining popularity for ease of reading. On the front page, it contains two columns containing popular tabs suggestions.

There are also other sections of Top 100, updates, and upcoming tabs. We found the website very resourceful, as it contains many unknown songs as well. The tabs on the websites are mostly accurate.

The free part is good enough to start learning guitar. Still, it is better to use Guitar Pro format to able more advanced features. You have to pay for this. Apart from that, it’s a good option for learning guitar.


We hope you got a better idea about the best free guitar tab websites. These websites can make your journey to learn music more relaxed and resourceful. So, go to links and get your favorite guitar tabs.