Get The Best Piano For Beginners (Recommended By A Pro Pianist)

Music is one of the most beautiful passions of men and women, which can create beauty and happiness both at the same time.

We often get requested from our visitors to recommend the best pianos for people, so with that in mind, we’ve come up with this complete list, whether you want to play piano at home, record piano in the studio, or take a piano out on stage.

However, choosing the perfect piano for beginners is not as simple as it seems. As a beginner, you should need the right quality keyboard to get started with, but you are also not ready for the grand professional one. There are so many options out there, but not all are best for you. Therefore, there are several things you need to know before buying a piano, and we are here to help you with that.

Before writing the review of the best beginner piano, we would like to let you know some basics about buying the best digital piano for you. So, what are the basics then? Read below.

Get The Best Piano For Beginners


What are the different types of digital pianos?

Digital pianos are designed to recreate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano as far as possible. However, not all digital pianos are created in the same way. There are different styles and types of digital pianos out there.

Each of them has their own expertise for different needs and uses. Below we’ll be discussing them, including their features and benefits. Here goes.

Portable Digital Pianos

Portable digital pianos are also familiar as “slab pianos.” This piano doesn’t come with a base stand, so it is easy to carry and store. Similar to an acoustic piano, it includes a wide range of 88 hammer-action keys.

This piano offers superior sound quality because of its higher polyphony count, samples, and dynamic range. It is the most popular type because of its portable design and less price.

Digital Console Pianos

Digital console pianos include a furniture-type cabinet along with three pedals, just like an acoustic piano. It stands up against the wall, so you don’t have to buy stands separately.

Because of its elegant acoustic-like design, it can be a great addition to your home as home décor. The main drawbacks of console pianos are weight and size. Most console piano weights range from 70lbs to 150 lbs. Still, it is lighter and more portable than an acoustic piano.

Upright Digital Pianos

The upright digital piano comes with large upright cabinets similar to typical upright pianos. It’s a sub-type of digital console pianos. The design of these pianos is much like an acoustic piano, which can be an excellent home décor.

Besides, it has classy hammer action, multi-speaker sound, and incredibly detailed samples. These pianos often come with wooden keys to add more realism to your playing style. The upright digital piano is most popular among beginner players.

Stage Digital Pianos

As the name implies, stage pianos are made for live performers. Unlike acoustic pianos, it’s a gig-friendly and compact option for use on stage and even in the studio. These pianos aim at the sound and realistic touch response like an acoustic piano.

The front panel of studio pianos is streamlined and it emphasizes hands-on control. It allows rapid changes on the fly. When it comes to controls, these deliver a range of sound effects and are experts at sound shaping.

Digital Grand Pianos

Digital grand pianos are the most expensive but not very common type. With upright-style pianos, it provides powerful sound through its advanced speaker system. Also, these pianos offer an excellent playing experience. Grand pianos with massive body produce deep, resonant sounds just like a real grand piano.

Arranger Digital Pianos

The last one is a digital piano, which is more like a console or portable piano. These have features that are available in arranger keyboards. It has 88 hammer-action keys and detailed piano samples.

Besides, the arranger piano includes built-in rhythms, sounds, effects, and recording features. The control panels in this piano are tangled with dials and buttons. Also, there is a display for improved user experience.

Which Piano Do You need as a beginner?

There are several things you need to know before buying a piano. As a beginner, your price range should not be very high, and the keyboard should not be cheap. It should be quality full, within a budget.

If you are very serious about learning it, you should procure a full-size weighted key piano as most of the music examination boards use that kind of piano for the exam.

As technology has developed, there are not that many differences between the digital and acoustic piano sounds. Even digital keyboards are much more practical nowadays.

How to choose the best beginner digital keyboard for the learner?

To avoid wasting money stupidly, here are the main criteria to consider before buying a digital keyboard piano to start in the right conditions.

Best in weight and bulk

Generally, digital pianos are much lighter and smaller than acoustic pianos. However, make sure that the dimensions of the model you purchase adapt to the space available in your room.

Note that most portable pianos can be easily removed for storage, while digital pianos for the stage fit into your car when you are up to a road trip.

choose the best beginner digital keyboard

Best in price

Electric pianos usually cost much less than their acoustic correspondent, between € 200 for the entry-level and sometimes over € 1000 for experienced pianists.

Maintenance is not a problem with digital pianos (you just have to pay attention to the accumulation of dust), while acoustic pianos require tuning every day, which is a recurring and expensive service.

Best in brand

Even if you are looking for the top keyboard for beginners, it is important to limit yourself to brands recognized in the world of electronic music instruments. The top digital keyboard brands include Roland, Yamaha, and Casio. Among them, Yamaha is the industry leader in keyboards and digital pianos since they offer such a wide range of pianos from complete beginner to concert grand pianos.

By choosing any of these manufacturers, you take less risk of having inferior quality materials, longevity problems, or after-sales service.

Best in quality of the keyboard

First of all, it is essential to check before choosing the perfect digital piano for learners, whether your digital keyboards with 88 keys or not. It is the basis for not being annoyed while progressing and having to change the device. Then, be aware that the keys to some models will make more noise than others, which can be annoying for people in the family even if you put a helmet.

Similarly, polyphony (that is to say the number of notes played simultaneously, I advise you at least 128) and the presence or absence of heavy touch (adjustable or not) are two conditions that will directly affect the pleasantness when playing the digital piano.

Best in sound and volume controller

The amplification process often determines the quality of sound produced by your digital piano, while affecting the quality of the music you play. Make sure you choose a keyboard with the right amplification tech.

A traditional piano generates a specific volume range depending on the force with which you hit its keys. The volume of the digital keyboard is easily adjustable. If you want to practice in silence, it may be possible to use headphones on most models (ideal when you live in an apartment).

Best in record

Some digital piano gives you the option to record your performance, when you are learning how to play the piano, and want to review and go over your progress.

Best in connectivity

Most digital pianos have a MIDI function that allows you to connect to your computer and the recording equipment. Some models accept flash memory cards so that you can transfer music to other devices and computers.

Best in learning functions

An electronic keyboard designed for beginners often includes lessons, exercises, notes, and chord displays, a metronome, and access to online resources. Some have a dual earphone jack that allows you to work together silently. Similarly, those with split keyboard utilities enable the students to play with their teacher/student in the same octaves.

12 Best Pianos For Beginners (Our Recommendation)

If you are in a hurry….

Just in case you are in a hurry, you can check these three best pianos for beginners. Our review team personally chooses those. This list is designed to offer plenty of choices, also find the perfect model which suits your requirements.

1. Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard Specs:

  • 44 mini-sized keys
  • 100 built-in sounds
  • 50 rhythm patterns
  • 10 built-in songs
  • 5 percussion drum pads
  • Amp output: 0.8+0.8 Watts
  • PIANO, ORGAN tone button
  • The product dimension is 23.9 inches W x 8.3 inches D x 2.24 inch H
  • Weight is 2.65lbs

Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal KeyboardSpecs:

The Features You May Like:

  • The Casio SA-76 is designed for little fingers that offer the children the basics for playing pianos.
  • With 44 mini keys, it allows us to explore about 100 built-in sounds of guitars, pianos, saxophones, etc.
  • The buttons are all easy to operate and fun to use.
  • The large orange button lets you choose between Reed Organ sound or the Grand Piano.
  • Its built-in LCD helps to see the notes on the large screen. That’s how your kids can introduce to music notation quickly.
  • There are five dedicated buttons for drum sounds. These buttons can be used along with keys to play the melody with a drum solo.
  • The piano comes with 10 built-in songs. It gives you the option to mute the melody while you take the lead and play with the backing track.
  • It doesn’t come with an adapter which you have to buy separately.


  • Keep your kid entertained for hours
  • Includes 44 compact-sized keys
  • Includes too many sounds, songs, and rhythm patterns
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to play
  • Quite affordable


  • The adapter is not included
  • No memory included on the device
  • Requires 6 AA batteries

Q: Is the keyboard battery powered?

Ans: Yes, it requires 6 AA batteries.

Q: Can I turn the volume too low?

Ans: Yes, you can turn down the volume or plugin with headphones.

Q: How wide are the white keys?

Ans: The white keys are about ¾” wide.

Q: Do the keys has labels on them?

Ans: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Does it comes with the cord to the plugin?

Ans: No, it doesn’t, you have to buy them separately.

2. Yamaha PSR E253


  • Full size with 61 soft-touch keyboards.
  • Nine-step lesson function.
  • 385 high-quality voices.
  • Metronome
  • Duo Mode system.
  • Ultra-wide stereo option.
  • One track recording.
  • 32 note polyphony.

Yamaha PSR E253

The Features You May Like:

  • The design is portable and compact. To add a backing band at your performance, it has accompaniment styles. Its most uncomplicated design is best for entry-level.
  • It has a unique one boar lesson feature.
  • The little display for the sheet is very much accessible and extremely helpful. That you can apply for both treble and bass, this screen also shows you the song style and sound.
  • Its portable grand button is especially for launching back you to the default sound.
  • To practice with a partner, it has a double mode system that allows the keyboard into two same hovels and divides the middle C.
  • For sufficient variation, it has 32 polyphony notes.
  • These keyboard keys are shiny and sleek.
  • Battery support works for hours.
  • Cord types drum symbol, and based on the keypress, you can identify cord type.
  • It includes 100 Educational Suite(YES) as default songs.


  • Ideal for starting aspiring musicians
  • Easy to use
  • Lesson mode is simple changes according to the learner’s pace.
  • You can create your music.
  • Great sounds with voices.
  • The ease of handling
  • Value of your money
  • Easy transportation
  • The interface is very simple.


  • Power cord missing.
  • The full body is made of plastic. So do not drop it and use it carefully.
  • Middle C is not so clear.

Q: Does it come with an ac adapter?

Ans: No, it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. You have to purchase it separately.

Q: Does the keyboard come with sheet music?

Ans: Yes, it comes with sheet music.

Q: What is its power supply?

Ans: Its power source is PA 130 or 6 AA batteries.

3. RockJam Mid-Size Keyboard

RockJam Mid-Size Keyboard


  • 54 key portable keyboard.
  • 100 built-in sound effects.
  • 100 rhythms.
  • Eight demo songs with playback and record function.
  • Product dimension is 33.5 x 13 x 4.7 inches.
  • Weight is 8.27 pounds.
  • Interactive LCD display with various teaching modes.

The Features You May Like:

  • Its compact facility and high-quality design make it one of the best digital piano for beginners.
  • Keys of this piano give you feel like traditional.
  • Its built-in rhythms offer you a lot of variety and make your keyboard extremely versatile.
  • It also has inbuilt stereo speakers.
  • This keyboard has a High class and easily readable LCD monitor that helps you to play 8 sample songs with the right key and cords. Its LCD monitor is very bright and lovely that offers a fantastic experience while guiding you with various sounds and notes.
  • The full-size key adds a little bit extra weight.
  • The sound of this piano makes it one of the best digital pianos for learners. It’s terrific with plenty of sounds.
  • It has some handy add-on like sheet music and an android tablet.


  • Its key size is full.
  • Easy to use
  • It is a decent choice if you are starting lessons or looking for a simple but great sounding beginner digital piano.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Inbuilt speaker is quite strong in sound.


  • You can feel a bit springy with keys.
  • The headphone connect facility is poor.
  • Inbuilt tunes are all not impressive.

Q: Does it have a headphone jack?

Ans: Yes, it has a headphone jack.

Q: Does it require any battery?

Ans: No, it does not require any battery.

Q: How many keys do I play at a time?

Ans: If you practice well, you will be able to use your ten fingers at one time.

Q: Does it have any USB port?

Ans: No, it does not have any USB port.

Q: Does it comes with an electric cord or connector?

Ans: Yes, it comes with an electric

Q: Is it perfect for children like 4-year-old?

Ans: Children can use it as it is very user-friendly.

Q: Can I plug a pedal?

Ans: Yes, obviously, you can plug a pedal.

4. Piano Digital AW MK980


  • Product dimension 39.5 x 17 x 6.5 inches
  • Product weight 13.75lb.
  • 61 standard electronic keyboard.
  • Inbuilt LED Display.
  • 110 V 8 ‘D’ Batteries.
  • 5W Amplifier.
  • US socket type.
  • Comes with Eight demo songs and Eight percussions.

Piano Digital AW MK980

The Features You May Like:

  • It is one of the best pianos for apprentices and hobbyists. It is a highly compact size.
  • The keyboard is perfect for touching and quite smooth.
  • An intelligent teaching function allows your children to learn more accurately and faster.
  • 16-grade master volume controller and 46 level keyboard percussion tempo control. With it, you can easily create wonderful notes.
  • Inbuilt speakers give you high-class sound.
  • Multi-function facility for intermediate and beginner level.
  • It has a very easy and simple operational panel with a nice clean digital display.
  • It is fully equipped with playback and record function and rhythm programming.
  • It has one key and follows two teaching modes.
  • Has a earphone output with L/R speaker.
  • This product comes with some other functions like vibrato, sustain, fill-in, Sync, Fingered Chord and a single
  • With this product, you will get a user manual, charging device, sheet holder, and electronic keyboard.


  • Better for beginners.
  • Excellent quality with many features.
  • Great price value.
  • Intelligent learning function.


  • The earphone is not so good.

Q: Does it sound like an organ?

Ans: No, this product does not sound like an organ.

Q: Does it have a glass sound effect?

Ans: No, it does not.

Q: Does the keyboard comes with a plugin cord?

Ans: Yes, it has a cord.

Q: What is the earphone jack size?

Ans: 6.5mm.

Q: Can I attach a pedal?

Ans: No.

Q: Does the key is weighted?

Ans: No.

5. Casio CTK 2400


  • 400 AHL voices keyboard.
  • The product dimension is 40x6x16 inches.
  • Sixty-one keys piano-style keyboard.
  • 48 polyphony notes.
  • One hundred fifty rhythms and a hundred ten inbuilt songs with four hundred tones.
  • USB MIDI Connection.
  • Built-in MIC with sound EFX sampler.

Casio CTK 2400 Review

The Features You May Like:

  • It has a compact body and frame, which makes it one of the best digital pianos for beginners.
  • AHL GM Voices with 48 notes.
  • You can synthesize a music software program with its USB MIDI connection.
  • Inbuilt microphone for voice recording, tonality, and pitch control.
  • Digital display with 110 songs.
  • It comes with inbuilt transport and tuning functionality.
  • For precise and realistic sounds, it has an inbuilt speaker.
  • If you want to slow down your songs, it also has a speed controller.
  • It’s affordable, versatile, movable will help you grow your skills.


  • Full-sized real feel keys
  • Variety of effects and tones for experiments
  • One of the best keyboards for beginners because of its LCD screen, which is more assistive.
  • Great choice for those who has a tight budget or beginners.


  • The sound feels like digital, not natural.
  • No pressure or velocity sensitive keys.
  • Lacks of teaching facility like other models down below.

Q: Will I get everything with the pack as advertised?

Ans: Read the verified customer reviews, and you’ll know that the package includes everything as they promised with even a great headset

Q: Do the keys light up like some other models?

Ans: No, this model doesn’t have that feature like LK190, LK265, or LK280.

Q: Will I get a carrier bag for buying this piano?

Ans: No, unfortunately, you’ll not get one. You have to purchase individually.

Q: How about the power options?

Ans: This is a grand digital piano for beginners as it has both AC and DC power options. You can either use the AC adapter, which operates at 110 volt or 6 AA batteries for DC.

6. Yamaha DGX-230


  • This model is a graded soft-touch 76-key digital piano.
  • You’ll have six track records with master Equalizer.
  • This has 489 high-class tones with great stereo speakers.
  • Product dimension is 137 mm X 1178 mm X 412 mm (HxWxD).
  • The weight of this product is 8.3 kg.
  • It has 300 music database with an option for external storage.

The Features You May Like:

  • If you like the realistic sound from a digital piano with just a soft touch on the keys, Yamaha DGX230 would be the other best one piece for you.
  • The song arranger feature will allow you to play a song with different styles easily.
  • It even has Performance Assistance Technology. This feature can help you practice with the right. You can appear on a show and play like a pro without knowing much about playing the piano.
  • It has a vast music database, and you can expand it by adding external storage to it.
  • The piano can be connected to a host computer via USB cable easily.
  • This one is a perfect option for beginners because of the Yamaha Education Suite or YES in short. With this advanced teaching assistant, you’ll master a song following easy steps and shout YES in no time.

Yamaha DGX-230 review


  • Sounds are great considering the price
  • Vast built-in sound options of more than 400 instruments
  • Keys feel like real
  • Good deal for beginners


  • Speakers need improvement.
  • The audio seems inconsistent.
  • Not so professional.

Q: Can I attach this to a PA system?

Ans: Yes, you can. You can either use a headphone or use an amp or connect it to a PA system. If you are trying to connect something else other than a headphone, you will need a male to the male cord to get started.

Q: Can I use a sound card on this one?

Ans: No, unfortunately, you cannot.

Q: What type of USB cable will I need?

Ans: A standard type of USB cord will serve you right.

Q: Does this create a harp sound?

Ans: Not only harp sound; you can create almost 400 sounds of various instruments.

Q: Can I attach a pedal and sheet stand with this piano?

Ans: Yes, it has an input for adding pedals, and you’ll find a music stand with the pack to put your sheet.

7. Karog B1SP Weighted-Key Digital Piano


  • It’s a full-sized keyboard with 88 weighted keys that has hammer action.
  • The total weight is 26 kg or 11.8lb.
  • The dimension is 117 mm X 1312 mm X 336 mm (HxWxD).
  • It has three pedals, one headphone input, a line output, a built-in speaker, and eight sounds.
  • Reverb and chorus effects are present in this digital piano.

Karog B1SP Weighted-Key Digital Piano

The Features You May Like:

  • It comes with the pedal board and a bench which means you have all you need to start learning.
  • The B1SP also has an optional stand, making it an upright digital piano or a portable keyboard piano.
  • The first feature to be mentioned here is its natural weighted hammer keys. This feature makes it sound and feel like an authentic acoustic grand piano.
  • Korg B1SP also offers emotional feedback technology, which makes the sound more natural by ensuring an ideal frequency response.
  • You can’t differentiate this digital piano from an acoustic one because it has used advanced sampling techniques to make a vibrant and rich instrumental sound.
  • The three pedals will allow you to perform like playing a real grand piano.
  • You’ll get a matching seat that has a suitable piano height. So, you can practice for hours.
  • The addition of the speakers creates the Karog B1SP viable both as an on-stage companion and a home piano.
  • The eight different music don’t provide a huge level of choice, but they are well tested and produce a real acoustic piano.


  • Very easy to use and assemble
  • Comes with pre-programmed music
  • Sounds are realistic
  • Good quality weighted keys


  • Can’t get the feeling of strong or solid build while playing the piano.
  • No USB connectivity.
  • It is not the most affordable, nor it simple to carry.

Q: Will I get other sound settings?

Ans: Yes, you’ll have 2 organ, and 1 harpsichord settings in this amazing electronic keyboard.

Q: Can you tell me the height of the keyboard from the floor?

Ans: The height is 28 inches.

Q: Can I plug my headphones in this piano?

Ans: You can put the jack on the back of this piano which is not in a comfortable place.

Q: Can I perform with this piece? How loud does it sound?

Ans: This digital piano is not that strong in sound to perform in large places. But you can use it with the outerl sound system.

Q: How about the key-weight?

Ans: It’s great. This keyboard offers fully weighted keys so that you get the feeling of playing a real acoustic one.

Q: Is this one portable?

Ans: Unfortunately, you can’t move this piano so often once it’s been set up.

8. Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Review


  • Compact 88 keys portable keyboard
  • Advanced stereo sampling features
  • Portable & convenient in size
  • 64-note polyphony for amazing melodic quality
  • Included accessories: X stand, earphone, a sustain pedal & dirt cover
  • Overall dimension: 13 x 18 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 65.6 Lbs.

The Features You May Like:

  • It utilizes the most recent AWM with advanced innovation to record the accurate sound of an acoustical piano. The stereo makes a more profound, more extravagant, and increasingly extensive sound by joining sets of a waveform (L and R) as caught by the mouthpiece.
  • The GHS weighted quality adds a substantial touch in the low-end keys and a lot lighter touch in the top-of-the-line keys, similar to a genuine acoustic piano. You can likewise alter the console’s affect-ability as your wish. No other computerized piano offers a GHS activity at this reasonable price.
  • The price is very reasonable, making it an incredible instrument for apprentices, beginners, or home usages.
  • Yamaha P45B offers 64- note polyphony that provides the player to perform reasonably thick melodic entries without removing any dropped notes.
  • The Double Mode allows a player to join two of the ten inherent voices in the P45B, similar to piano and strings, for an increasingly flexible and innovative execution.


  • With the GHS weighted keys, you will feel like you are playing a real piano.
  • Full, 88-key console with a lot of room, even for two-part harmonies.
  • Reverb and chorale impacts for warm and rich sound.
  • Vitality sparing element shutdowns the instrument down after a specific measure of time of non-use.


  • Some keys tend to be uproarious (especially lower keys)
  • No record/playback options
  • Missed some highlights that are offered by equivalent models

Q: Can I connect the keyboard with a pc or mobile device?

Ans: Yes, the USB to Host port features allows a player to connect the keyboard with pc & mobile gadgets.

Q: Does this accompany with a power string?

Ans: Yes, it accompanies with a connector type control string.

Q: Is the stand included in the box?

Ans: Yes, the keyboard stand is including in the box.

9. Yamaha P45B 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Review


  • Fully weighted 88 keys holding the black color keyboard
  • GHS certified ( Graded Hammer Standard)
  • Great touching sensitivity
  • Have stereo sampling feature
  • Dual-mode: Input double voice together
  • Accurate tuning
  • Product Dimension: 58 x 16 x 11.5 inches

The Features You May Like:

  • Yamaha P-45 is an 88-key mallet finish advanced piano with implicit speakers. The piano already acquired the minimized and lightweight structure of its forerunner – P35.
  • Convenience is something I like about the P-45. It will effectively fit into little spaces and will be a pleasant expansion to your home inside.
  • The weight of this instrument is only 25 lbs.; it is so light that only one person can move it.
  • The panel is very simple & flexible. There exist only two buttons; the “Power” button swing the instrument on & off, and the “Function” button is used for selecting either Grand Piano Tunes or access the other tunes and highlights of the P-45.
  • The instrument is touch delicate, which implies the volume/timbre changes relying upon how hard or delicate you touch the keys, imitating the abundant, unique scope of a grand piano.
  • Yamaha utilizes its outstanding AWM dynamic testing innovation to precisely catch the sound of an acoustic instrument and make brilliant examples.
  • The P45 highlights 2 x 12 cm implicit speakers (6W + 6W amp). The sound is sufficiently uproarious for a beginner to rehearse in a moderately small room or to perform before a couple of individuals.


  • Minimal and Lightweight
  • Simple to utilize
  • 88 completely weighted keys
  • Ten built-in instrument sounds
  • Ideal for tenderfoots
  • Moderate & reasonable pricing


  • No internal sound recorder options
  • Speakers are not so loud
  • Wobbly support footswitch
  • The earphone jack is on the back
  • No additional stand

Q: Is the power adaptor comes along with the keyboard?

Ans: Yes, the power adaptor is included in the box.

Q: Can I connect the keyboard with an amp?

Ans: Of course, you can connect it with an amp through ¼ inch cord.

Q: Is it simple to record and playback quickly what you simply played?

Ans: Unfortunately, there is no built-in recorder with this product. You can utilize the piano as a midi gadget.

10. Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano Specs:

  • Fully weighted keyboard with Ebony keytops
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II features
  • Contact Sensitivity ( Three Types)
  • Seamless dynamics air sound source
  • Polyphony-128 notes
  • Inbuilt 18 different piano tones
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 52 x 5.5 inches
  • Weights: 24lb
  • Sixty piano songs
  • One year warranty

Casio Privia PX160BK Digital Piano Review

The Features You May Like:

  • A digital display and a few more keys on the control panel would go a long way toward making the keyboard’s options easier to use.
  • Casio Privia is an extremely compact console. Its weight is only 25lb and very much convenient in size. You can simply take it any place you want to go. It also looks very slim, just near about 11.5 inches in depth.
  • Casio is already renowned for making pianos with extremely responsive keys. You will get a few unique features here. For a specific something, the keys are entirely weighted and evaluated. This implies they are going to feel like the keys on an acoustic.
  • The keys additionally highlight Casio’s well known tri-sensor innovation. The tri-sensor change is advanced gave a realistic feel while playing the keyboard.
  • If you’re trying to locate a decent piano that comes in at well under the $1000, you will be satisfied to discover that you do have choice. This console is, beyond question, one of them. Moreover, the price is moderate for beginners
  • Casio privia PX 160BK accompanies a stunning eighteen diverse piano tones. It implies you will have a full scope of alternatives tunes to play based on your style or inclination.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to connect with pc
  • Compact design
  • High-grade piano tunes & sounds
  • Lightweight and convenient


  • The pedal sometimes feels wobbly.
  • The key activity can be somewhat noisy.
  • No display.

Q: Are the keys weighted?

Ans: Yes. Senses that a genuine keyboard

Q: Does it offer the sustain pedal?

Ans: Yes, it has a sustain pedal, but the size is tiny rather than traditional stands.

Q: What accessories will I get with this piano?

Ans: Sustain pedal, power supply & tune desk.

11. Yamaha PSR EW300 76-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR EW300 Portable Keyboard Review


  • Touch response keyboard with 76keys.
  • 574 high-quality voices.
  • 48 notes polyphony.
  • Arpeggio types 150.
  • Accompaniment styles 165.
  • Two-track recording with five songs.
  • Have harmony, EQ, echo, melody effect.
  • Dual-mode and split both
  • Dimension 4.62” x 45.37” x 14.5”

The Features You May Like:

  • It comes with 76 touch-response keys, which will respond according to the pressure.
  • Buttons and functions are clear, and the LED screen is easy to see and read.
  • The sound quality of this keyboard is excellent.
  • It has an extensive collection of 154 presetting songs and 165 styles to learn from.
  • To customize the keyboard, it has a one-touch setting to personalize it.
  • It is very user-friendly for the complete beginners as it has step by step practice and lessons piano.
  • It includes the PA130 Power connector.
  • This piano can help you to master more complex keyboard techniques.


  • Very easy to use
  • Clear LED display.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • High-class sound.
  • Necessary accessories.


  • It has no weighted key.

Q: Is there any preset song available in it?

Ans: Yes. It has default songs and styles both.

Q: What kind of instrument comes with it?

Ans: It comes with 339 XGlite voices, 20 arpeggios, 18 drums effects, 197-panel voices, and 574 total instrument voices.

Q: What kind of sound engine it uses?

Ans: It uses The Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA for high-quality sound.

Q: Does it come with an adaptor?

Ans: Yes. It comes with a PA130 Power Adapter.

12. Casio LK-190 61-Keys Portable Keyboard


  • 61 lighted key.
  • 48 notes polyphony.
  • 400 preset tones.
  • World rhythms 46.
  • Ten echo effects.
  • 60 Built-in melody.
  • Dance music mode.
  • Key lighting lesson.
  • Dimension 3.6” x 37.25” x 12.12”

Casio LK-190 61

The Features You May Like:

  • You will get a large range of music with 60 built-in songs and 400 tones.
  • It has leading light to indicate which key to press for the built-in songs, which is a fantastic benefit for beginners.
  • Dance mode enables you to produce dance music and remix it super quickly.
  • Its battery power is good enough to take it anywhere you want and play.
  • This keyboard will enable you to input more vocals for your tunes.
  • It will provide you with the feel of a real piano.
  • This keyboard is beginner-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.


  • Have 50 dance music modes.
  • Leading light for easy practice.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Lesion function.
  • Battery support.


  • There is no USB connection for connecting the computer.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Chordana application is missing here.

Q: Does it comes with a keyboard?

Ans: Yes, for your disturbance-free music enjoyment.

Q: Does it have an Adaptor?

Ans: Yes, it comes with an AC Adaptor.

Q: Does it comes with speakers?

Ans: Yes, it has built-in speakers.

Q: Does it have Chordana play app?

Ans: No Gordana play app integrations.

13. Alesis Recital | 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Specs:

  • 88 key semi-weighted keyboard.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Five built-in realistic voices.
  • 128 note polyphony.
  • 60 preset songs.
  • Two demos.
  • Layer, split, and lesson mode.
  • Reverb, chorus and pedal resonance FX effect.
  • Dimension 50.5” x 11.5” x 3.6”
  • Weight 15.7lb.

Alesis Recital | 88-Key Beginner Digital PianoSpecs

The Features You May Like:

  • The Alesis Recital piano has been designed with learners in mind, which means that it comes full with handy features that will help you to rapidly improve your piano playing.
  • It has a compact design so that you can carry it anywhere you want.
  • It includes adjustable sensitivity for which you can play the piano with your style.
  • The sensitivity range is between high medium and low.
  • This piano will give you premium quality sound.
  • Alesis Recital comes with layer mode with which you can compose two different voices at the same time.
  • Another mode is a split mode with which you can add two different voices on two different sides.
  • Alesis Recital also has a lesson mode by which two people can learn to play the piano together.


  • High-quality product with a budget price.
  • Portable because of its compact design.
  • Realistic and natural sound.
  • Touch the response key.
  • Easy to use.
  • Three different modes.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • Full-sized keyboard.


  • Need an outer sound system for a loud sound.
  • Do not have a sustain pedal.
  • Tones are limited.

Q: How many voices are included in this?

Ans: 5, realistic voices.

Q: Does Alesis Recital have an education feature?

Answer: It has lesson mode, which allows dividing the pianos into two different sections for teaching.

Q: Does it comes with a sustain pedal?

Answer: No, sustain pedals are not included with Alesis Recital.

A Brief Buying Guide of Best Piano for Beginners

From the beginning of best piano for beginner’s reviews, we have shown you some of the top pianos with some of their best features. Which one you should purchase will totally depend on your preferences and your budget, of course.

However, we are now giving you some points that you should know or look for before going to buy a piano for you.


The first major one is playability. As you are a beginner, you should always purchase a piano that is user-friendly and beginner-friendly.

You do not need to practice at a professional level piano from the beginning. Remember to check out the touch sensibility of the piano keys and acquire the one which will be suitable for you.

Tone Options and Quality

You may probably want to buy a digital piano mainly for playing like a real piano sound. However, we suggest you buy a keyboard which offers more tones. Because, with more tone, you can practice and experience more and can broaden your abilities.

Besides, tone quality is also essential to build up your sound knowledge and to compose better in the future. So, if it is possible, increase your budget and buy a higher-priced piano, which offers good tone quality.


As you are opting to procure a digital piano, you have to think about the connectivity options. If you can connect external devices with your keyboard, you will have some significant benefits. There are some apps to connect your external device with your piano, and this will definitely enhance your piano learning experience.


The brand is always an essential factor in terms of buying musical instruments. Purchasing a digital piano from a well-known brand will give you excellent sound quality, better durability, and top reliability.

We recommend you buy keyboards from Yamaha, Casio, Poland, and King Brands.

Extra Features

It is better if you get some accessories like stands, benches, and pedals while buying your piano. These accessories will improve your learning and playing experience. Also, look for the keyboards which have some learning tools like Dual-mode, built-in metronome, keys that light up, etc.

Otherwise, if you have a budget that won’t stretch to digital piano lessons a full-size piano may be a sufficient choice.

Few More Questions

Q: Do I need 88 keys to learn piano?

Most digital piano comes with 66,72 or 88 keys. As a beginner, 66 is good enough to learn, and you can play most music by 72 key piano. If anyone wants to play the classical piano, a full-sized 88 key piano is recommended for him.

Q: How much does a beginner piano cost?

It depends on your budget, but musical instru generally advise you to budget at least $500 if you want something that will fulfill the above requirements for learning the piano.

Q: Which keyboard should I buy as a beginner?

It depends on your budget. We already reviewed 13 keyboards here. In the list, we added from a low-cost keyboard to higher. You can check the pros and cons along with the price to make the decision.

Final Verdict

So, these are the top pianos for the beginner that we have found. We guarantee that if you select any of the above lists, every of your penny will be worth it. So, use our choices as a guide, but don’t accept our number 1 will be your number 1, and you’ll find the exact instrument for you.

That’s all for today. You can check out our other instruments review before buying one. Moreover, you can get “how-to”s posts here to become a music expert.

Remember, all your music passion can be gone if you will not select the right musical instrument for you.