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Northern Lights Guitar Pick Handmade (49% OFF)

Northern Lights Guitar Pick Handmade (49% OFF)

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The "Northern Lights Guitar Pick Handmade," is a unique and exquisite piece of jewelry designed for musicians and guitar enthusiasts.

Elevate your musical experience 

Elevate your musical experience with the "Northern Lights Guitar Pick Handmade," a meticulously crafted accessory that combines the artistry of black hornbeam wood and the beauty of epoxy resin.
This handmade guitar pick is not only designed to enhance your guitar's sound but also doubles as a stylish pendant necklace inspired by the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Key Features

Fine Craftsmanship: The Northern Lights Guitar Pick boasts a transparent mirror effect and is crafted to perfection with fine workmanship, making it smooth and burr-free. With outstanding durability, these guitar plectrums let you play continuously without worrying about breakage

Classic and Retro Design: The classic and retro aesthetic of the pick exudes elegance and uniqueness, providing inspiration for nature in music creation.

Dual Functionality: Beyond being a musical instrument accessory, this exquisite pick can be transformed into a fashionable Northern Lights necklace, adding a touch of creativity to your style.

High Quality: Each piece is carefully handmade, guaranteeing top-notch quality. The wood used is of premium quality, offering a smooth touch, while the resin is polished to a mirror finish.

Perfect Gift: The Northern Lights guitar pick is an ideal gift for musicians and guitar lovers. Its charm lies in its combination of functionality and artistic appeal.




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