How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Guitar?

How long does it take to get good at guitar? This is a common question for those who begin to learn this musical instrument. Honestly, the answer to this great question is depending on the ability of the players.

Some factors you need to consider before beginning such as how much time do you practice, what your goal is, do you prepare good gear, do you have a talent for music, etc. But, in a long period of time, guitarist eagerly practices in the right ways will win.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Guitar?

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Guitar?

Some stages that all guitarists need to overcome

To be good at guitar, there are some phrases that every guitarist needs to conquer. Furthermore, you can set your own goals based on these stages.

From 1 to 2 months

After knowing some notes and the basic rules about playing guitar, you could begin to play some easy guitar songs such as strumming a couple of chords, single-string plucking songs, chord arpeggios, etc. Do not forget to learn how to place your palms and fingers in all strings.

From 3 to 6 months

When having a natural reflex, you can try a much more difficult song that requires some technical components. For example, you enable to try some songs which have pull-offs, easy hammer-ons, and other guitar techniques.

About one year

At this level, you could practice some intermediate-level songs with various popular guitar songs, riffs, blues, etc. On the one hand, you ought to have a little bit of feel for barre chords.

From 2 to 4 years

In this period of time, you totally try some difficult songs if you practice on a regular basis. You surely need to increase your practice before getting to an advanced level.

Learning a song in this phase is easier because you have already mastered many technical components.

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Over 5 years

This is the time you can call you are an advanced guitarist, and you freely play whatever you want to relish.

5 stages that all guitarists need to overcome

5 stages that all guitarists need to overcome

Some tips to be a good guitar

To become a good guitar player you need to do, here is a guide for you.

Start learning music beforehand

When you have already known all the basic concepts about music, you freely begin to practice with a guitar. Similarly, getting a basic understanding of music will help you try to play extra musical instruments as well.

Setting your goals

As mentioned above, your practice and your desires are the key roles to meet your goals. If you want to play quite well like Rodrigo Y Gabriela, you will need to practice for about 10,000 hours.

If you want to play some favorite songs and strum the chords to impress friends, then you should practice less time with one month.

Even if you do not have a teacher, you know what your targets are, you will be able to attempt suitable content and arrange your practice time effectively that most of the guitarists and students have learned at a musical school.

The clearer you identify what you want to play songs on the guitar, the sooner you enable to stop rotating your wheels and begin making tremendous leaps in this journey.

Goal setting is very important

Goal setting is very important

Be sure to have a comfortable guitar

A guitar also impacts how long does it take to get good at guitar. Like any product, you should choose an item that is suitable for you and you feel comfortable.

There are two main kinds of guitars that you may come across – Acoustic and electric.

If you are a newbie, then you should select an acoustic guitar to build a solid construction about playing.

Select a guitar based on your style is not a bad idea.

Think about what will you want to enjoy the sound of a guitar, you will have your own answer from a variety of guitar styles such as metal, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender Stratocaster, or BC Rich.

Choose good teaching materials and a right method

Great teaching material will support you to learn fast. Then, you need to have an experienced guitar teacher to help you practice the right method. Your teacher also understands your ability and your targets clearly.

You can choose a self-study method by learning lessons on YouTube and find some books to learn the fundamental rules. However, this method is not suitable for those who want to boost their level in the long run.

Do not mind spending a lot of bucks to learn at a musical school.

Choose good teaching materials and a right method

Choose good teaching materials and a right method

Find your “buzz” point

Begin a light play with your left hand and note your buzz point from not taking hard enough. Then, you should press enough to let the buzz point disappear.

Pay attention to your hand position

In general, you should not bend your wrists in any direction. Several guitarists make this mistake and it might become a negative habit for their wrists in an extended period of time.

A teacher will help you how to control your fingers while staying the wrist on the guitar.

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Take a short break while practicing

Do you know that your brain also needs some fresh air after focusing on an important factor? Whether you play the guitar or other musical instruments, you need to have a short break after 30-minute practice.

Let your brains could breathe by relaxing for a couple of minutes at a time.

Stay healthy

When you get a cold or flu, how can you carry a guitar? You obviously do not have the strength to continue the long-term practice. Although practicing is extremely important to be a professional guitarist, you should also have a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid fast foods, some negative drinks, and anxiety. Doing more workout programs at the same time to boost your physical health and train your mind to have many positive thoughts as well.


There is no shortcut to transform between a newbie and an advanced guitarist unless you have to practice with the right approaches. So, when someone asks you how long does it take to get good at guitar, let them know that they should have clear targets with hard-working practices and accurate methods.