Martin X1-DE Review-Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Martin guitars are well-known for their quality and sound. They have a long history in the music industry over 100 years, with many iconic guitarists using this brand as their go-to instruments, such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, or Eric Clapton!

The company is also involved with recycling programs in different parts of the world. One of its most popular Martin guitars is the X1-DE dreadnought acoustic guitar model. This Martin X1-DE review aims to give people interested in this guitar more information – scroll down below to read about it!


Many guitarists choose Martin X1-DE

Martin X1-DE Review: Specification

Martin X1-DE is a dreadnought guitar with mahogany back and sides, a Sitka Spruce top wood, X-bracing pattern style for its soundboard bracing system. Besides, the body finish is satin that gives it an attractive look, while the orientation of this instrument is right-handed.

This item is armed with a modified low oval neck shape, Stratabond neck wood. Moreover, the 20 frets Fender Player Telecaster is perfect for electric guitarists to play rock music.

With 25.4 inches scale length, this model can be played easily by people of all hand sizes!

The most exciting feature of this item is its headstock overlay made from rosewood HPL, as it is well-crafted and feels in your hands. Like all great guitars, this model has chrome tuning machines and carries six strings to give you an incredible sound when playing songs on stage!

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Martin X1-DE Review: Details

Before purchasing this item, you might wonder if this item is worth buying or not. To answer your questions, let’s have a look at its following features!


There are many different things about the design and build of the X1-DE. In detail, the most notable is that the back and sides of its body are made from an eco-friendly material called Martin’s HPL- a composite material made from paper and resin pressed together under high heat using discarded bits of wood.

According to Martin, HPL is not solid wood, but it has a nice wooden pattern, like mahogany.

The neck is made with laminate instead of solid wood. Interestingly, the fingerboard is not made of rosewood or ebony, and the bridge is made of Richlite, a composite material.

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Moreover, the top of the guitar is solid wood, and it’s made out of Sitka spruce. This material is a type of wood that you often see on acoustic guitars. As it looks like rosewood grain, people possibly think that it’s real wood.

From our point of view, this guitar design may turn some people off, but not in a bad way. More specifically, the sound quality is not affected by design, and its tone is also better with the Sitka spruce on the top.

The new feature in Martin’s design is that they utilize new materials but still retains the costs by using less decoration on the guitar (no binding on the body or fretboard).

Martin X1 DE has an acoustic look

Martin X1 DE has an acoustic look


The neck of this guitar is shaped like Martin’s Performing Artist profile. It has a slim, rounded feel that will appeal to electric guitarists who want to change from electric guitars to acoustic ones.

If you take a closer look, you can see the neck has 16 frets and a 25.4-inch scale length. Also, the tuners are enclosed chrome ones that have Corian nuts and Tusq saddles as well.

The next is also a part that the guitar has a lot to do with how your hands feel. To do so, Martin uses an attractive wood called Stratabond that has 26 layers.

There are some nerves on the neck, but they are not always easy to see and play. The fretboard is made from Richlite that is compressed paper for a long time and then turned into wood.

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Other features that users can miss about this guitar are sound systems, performance ability, and accessories.

Sound system

The Martin X1-DE has a Fishman Sonitone preamp system. Therefore, it is easy to adjust the volume and tone controls.

We don’t plan on playing this guitar live, but it will work out well if you do it! Additionally, this X1-DE guitar also has an output jack so that you can plugin!

We connected the Martin guitar to an amplifier in one guitar shop and played with it. In another guitar shop, we tried playing it through a portable PA system. In both cases, the sound was pretty rich and clear!

The tone and volume controls were easy to use on both amps. However, this isn’t for you if you need complex equipment with other things like an EQ or tuner.

Martin X1-DE provides rich and clear sound

Martin X1-DE provides rich and clear sound


The Martin X1-DE has a pretty sound, as it is deep and has a lot of basses. The sound of the guitar is also sweet and bright. Thanks to its X-bracing feature, the sound is not as complex and delicate as more expensive Martins.

Compared to other models, this series can make the same sound like many other guitars in its price range. Therefore, you can play either fingerstyle or flat-picking style with this item.


This guitar is convenient for you to take it somewhere as it has a bag that protects the head of the guitar, the bridge, and the endpin. You can rest assured about the bag as it is water-repellent, and there is foam padding in it.

The high-quality of accessories is one of the plus points of this model 

Martin X1-DE Review: Pros And Cons

This guitar has advantages and drawbacks; let have a closer look at them one by one!


  • Light-weight
  • Portable
  • Create a balanced sound and great resonance
  • Create rich and clear sound
  • Affordable price


  • The accessible truss rod is unavailable
  • Look a bit rudimentary

Is Martin X1-DE Review Worth?

Since the Martin X1-DE makes a loud, bright sound and is warm, many different genres pair well with this guitar. You can play the guitar in any genre, but we would not recommend playing the thrasher metal on a Martin acoustic-electric as it will just sound silly.

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In addition, it’s an excellent way to have full-sounding guitars without draining your savings or traveling around with one bulky solid wood instrument!

Performing on Martin X1-DE 

Performing on Martin X1-DE 

The Bottom Line!

Through the Martin X1-DE review, you can see that this is an essential item for any guitar lover.

This instrument was designed by experts and optimized for any type of music that needs to be played. Its sound quality will make your favorite songs come alive in a way they never have before.

With so many great features packed into one product, this should not be missed out on if you want to feel like the true rock star you always wanted to be!