How much does a guitar lesson cost? (Update 2022)

These days, playing instruments have become an exciting trend for people of all ages.

However, learning how to play a musical instrument is not an easy task. Especially, playing guitar requires you a lot of different and advanced skills.

You just bought the best classical guitar, you may think about following a guitar training course with the responsible cost. When you want to attend a learning course, you must want to know the price of your education.

You have to remember that the price always depends on your level, who do you want to be, the standard of the teachers and so on.

What is a fair price for guitar lessons?
What is a fair price for guitar lessons?

Average Guitar Lesson Costs

I can not know all these things to show you but I will try to categorize it into the group and the average price to help you answer the question of how much the guitar lesson cost and support you in choosing the lessons for you.

In general, the average price you have to pay for a guitar lesson per hour is $40 – $70.

Currently, there are also online lessons over the internet using Zoom, Skype, google meet, FaceTime, or other video platforms that cost $30 to $40 per hour on average, or about 20 percent less than what they would typically charge for an hour’s lesson in person.

In my opinion, taking guitar lessons online via a video chat setup is highly affordable, and you receive valuable live feedback from a teacher.

However, we should take a look at the factors that affect the price of the guitar lesson directly first.

how much does a guitar lesson cost a month?

Depending on the needs of the student, guitar lessons can be paid for monthly. For these courses, you should ask the teacher about the number of lessons in a month and it is best to agree on a schedule with the teacher so that both sides can be most convenient.

Guitar instructors usually start you off at one lesson per week, so guitar lessons will typically cost somewhere between $80 and $160 per month.

How often should you have guitar lessons?

Lessons every week or every two weeks are the best options for the majority of people. Personally, I think you should learn guitar once a week at least.

Because if it takes two or more you to continue the lessons, the old knowledge will be easily forgotten. On the other hand, your interest in the guitar will dwindle, even die out.

If you want to go with a longer schedule, it is vitally important that you maintain that schedule (and convince me that you will). Hopefully, after a while of practice, you can play the guitar and sing fluently at the same time.

average guitar lesson cost
How often should you have guitar lessons?

Where do you take a guitar course?

The music lessons can be different in different areas. It is simply based on the law of supply and demand.

For example, there are a lot of people and the right facilities in the city so you must pay more for guitar lessons in the city than in the countryside.

In some small towns, the same experience can cost 20% less, but you may have fewer choices of teachers.

You also look for someone who can travel to your own home to teach you; it will be more convenient.

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The total time of the lesson for the beginner player

Usually, a guitar lesson lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Some people suppose that 30 minutes are enough while some other one has the opposite opinion.

Thus, you can choose your idea because it depends on how you deal with a long lesson.

If you have the plan to follow an online course, you may see that the instructional videos are so short just about 30 minutes or sometimes longer.

What is a fair price for guitar lessons?

Level of your tutor

I see that there are two kinds of the tutor, the first one is the amateur who engages in an activity for pleasure and financial benefit as well and the second one is professionals who have the full of guitar skills to share with you.

You have to offer the high cost for the professional one. It will be better if you can learn from your friend or your family members. In case, you are a beginner; you also can look for some free lessons on the internet.

The number of lessons

For the traditional course, it might last from 12 to 15 weeks. For the online course, there is no set number of sessions that you get, and you have to choose on your own.

You can also shorten your learning time by improving your understanding of the guitar with the following book.

How much do you have to pay for a normal guitar lesson?

Through the discussion above, look at the different factors such as instructors, location and whether you are professional or a beginner, we offer you the better price: From 30 to 45$ per 30 minutes for the lesson in the city.

In contrast, just 20 to 30 $ for the lesson 30 minutes in the small town. As I know, some tutors demand a whole semesters’ tuition in advance. Some others allow you to pay for a set of the schedule.

You can require your teacher’s refund in case you are absent from the lesson and your teacher misses the class before you register for the class.

The average cost of guitar lessons
The average cost of guitar lessons

Have you thought about taking the online lesson instead of one on one lesson?

In the era of information and technology, you can quickly take an online course to learn everything without worrying about the schedule, making up the lessons, and traveling. Besides, the online lesson also provides a wide range of instructors for you to choose from.

Especially, you can get the best teaching with the latest knowledge and trends that make the best guitarist today. If you do not like the particular instructor, you immediately can change by clicking on another teacher who you may like.

Moreover, you can learn everywhere; you just need a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. You can find the website with thousands of lessons and songs at an affordable price, just some dollar per day.

In conclusion, there is a big amount of way to learn to play guitar at different cost. Therefore, identifying your demand still is the most important thing that you have to do first.

Then you can try to learn in some different classes with the various teachers in order to look for those who are the best choice for you. After that, you give your decision.

I hope that after reading this article, you can be clear about the cost of guitar lessons and have more information to offer the right selection for you as well as your friends and family who tend to learn to play guitar.