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Multi-Effects Pedal

Multi-Effects Pedal

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  • ✔Versatile Effects and Rechargeable Battery
  • ✔ Smart software enables saving 36 presets
  • ✔ Flexible Connectivity for Seamless Performance
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Demo Multi-Effects Pedal

Authentic Vintage Sound

Immerse yourself in the rich and authentic vintage sound of our specially curated audio collection. Experience music like never before.

  • Versatile Performance

    From classic blues to hard rock, this pedal offers a wide range of tones to suit any musical style or genre

  • True Bypass Design

    Maintain the integrity of your guitar signal with the pedal's true bypass design, ensuring transparent sound when the effect is not engaged

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Say goodbye to constantly buying batteries. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted performance, saving you money and reducing environmental waste

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Studio-Quality Sound

Whether on stage or in the studio, this pedal delivers studio-quality sound with pristine clarity and dynamics

Built-in Spring Reverb

Achieve that classic surf-rock sound or add depth to your solos with the built-in spring reverb effect.

Signature Tone

Stand out from the crowd and define your signature sound with the unique sonic character of the Multi-Effects Pedal


How many different effects does the Multi-Effects Pedal offer?

The Multi-Effects Pedal offers a wide range of effects, including distortion, overdrive, modulation, delay, and reverb, to name a few

Can I customize and save my own presets on the pedal?

Absolutely! The Multi-Effects Pedal allows you to create and save your custom presets, enabling you to access your favorite sounds instantly.

Can I use the Multi-Effects Pedal in a live performance setting?

Yes, the Multi-Effects Pedal is designed for live performances with durable construction and flexible connectivity options to integrate seamlessly into your setup

Can I connect the Multi-Effects Pedal to my computer for additional editing and customization?

Absolutely! The Multi-Effects Pedal offers USB connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your computer for editing presets and accessing online communities.

Is the Multi-Effects Pedal compatible with both electric and acoustic guitars?

Yes, the Multi-Effects Pedal is compatible with both electric and acoustic guitars, allowing you to enhance the sound of either instrument.