How To Remember The Guitar Strings?

It is said that the guitar is one of the most popular instruments all over the world because of the beauty of its simple design, being quite cheap, mobile, and easy to play for beginners. You have to remember the guitar strings before you want to know how to tune the guitar, read the tabs and play songs.

In this article, I will introduce you to “How To Remember The Guitar Strings?” both by remembering the string name and the string number.

How To Remember The Guitar Strings?

How To Remember The Guitar Strings?

How To Remember The Guitar Strings?

As you know that it is straightforward to pick up a guitar that is suitable and is the best electric guitar with the best electric guitar strings. Learning the guitar string names can help you to become better.

Be aware that the thinnest string is regarded as the first strings

I have to tell you that it is the hardest part to remember but the bottom strings are not the top one, just the first string. Thus, the bottom string is always the thinnest string.

Factly, it may not feel intuitive, but it is very easy to get used to. The bottom string which is the first string can be called an E.

You can learn the strings follow the order up to down. However, you need to remember the string which has the number that helps to read guitar tabs and mention the notes.

The heavy string will be the thickest, and it often wound with a different kind of metal while the lightest strings are thinner.

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Take a look at the string and then try to memorize them

As we know that the guitar has six strings that go from thick to thin. We usually hold the guitar straight in front of you. Hence, the thickest string will be on the left-hand side, and the thinnest should be on the right-hand side.

The string typically is named after the notes they play, and you absolutely can notice the string start and end on E. Both of the thickest and the thinnest play two octaves lower than the high string.

Remember the following chart

Remember the following chart

I believe that it will be easy for you to remember the following chart. At the top of the graph is the line that closest to this paragraph is for the sixth string which is the heaviest string.

The lowercase e is used to the first string to distinguish it from the thicker E on the sixth string. You can follow the following chart to see it clearer.

The sixth with E

the fifth with A

The fourth with D

The third with G

The second with B

The first with e

The way “Emily Ate Dynamite, Goodbye Emily.”

I believe that it can help you so much. You can try to make your acronym for learning strings.

I make up these sentences to remember, and I think it will be useful, You can make it up or find some others on the internet.

The thickest string calls the E so remember as Emily, the A string recognizes as Ate, the D string remembers as Dynamite, the G string remembers as Good, the B string remembers as Bye, and the E which is the thinnest string remembers as Emily.

Ensure that you can remember all the string

I want to suggest a very useful way to remember the string well is that teach someone, they can be your friends who do not know about playing guitar.

However, you also can try to teach those who are professional in playing guitar; they can correct your mistakes.

The other way to remember the string is that you can stick the note of string in the wardrobe or the wall or anywhere you are easy to see every day.

You should play each string then you name the note, and you can make the small test harder by finding a friend who can help you to lay the string while you have to make the right answer to what he is playing.

The final is learning the string backward

We continue to remember the acronym for learning the string backward to move through the strings. In this part, we have the sentence “Everybody Gets Drunk At Easter”.

The first letter of each word in the sentence is equal to the string E, B, G, D, A, and E, respectively.

The way to learn and remember the guitar string

The way to learn and remember the guitar string

How to be better in remember the string numbers

It is easy for you to count the string names from left to right but does not do that. You have to remember that the low E is the sixth string while the high E is the first string.

If it is hard for you to understand, you just think about the way you hold the neck of the guitar. The bottom of your guitar is held by your hands, and you bring your fingers up around the string to play the fretboard.

Your fingers will touch the first string at every bottom is the high E, the first string in other words.

And the furthest string they touch is the low E at the top of the sixth string. The second string from the bottom is the B which is the thinnest string.

Especially, you have to notice that there are two types of strings, the thinner silver string on the bottom and the thicker string wound string on top on many guitars.

Thus, the G is usually the last unwound string on most of the guitar. The fourth string which is the third string from the top is the D string in standard tune.

In conclusion

Making the acronym is the best way to remember the string. Besides, you have to practice much to get used to it. Then you can speed up faster, do not worry if it is too tough.

Spending time to practice is what you need to do in learning anything.

I hope that you can learn something from my sharing and turn it into your knowledge to use for making your best.

Happy time!