15 Best Acoustic guitar brands for Beginners

You are a fan of the guitar. And, you are finally ready to look for your own personal guitar.

You need to take your time to read the reviews of the best guitar brand.  In fact, there is a wide range of brands to choose from.

So, it’s not simple to choose the right one. That’s why we’re here to tell you the best brands of acoustic guitars on the market today.

Let’s take a look at this article to learn about them.

The Top Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

The Top Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

What is the best acoustic guitar brands for beginners?

Answering the question of what the best acoustic guitar brands are may be a highly subjective endeavor.

However, this is a question that many guitar lovers, new guitar players, and intending to buy themselves a guitar really want the correct answer to.

In light of this, I set out to see if we could leverage the large amount of data we have accumulated about hundreds of specific models of acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars in order to produce an objective report on the relative market sentiment about brands selling steel-string acoustic guitars at all price points up to $500.

What is the Best Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand?

What is the Best Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand?


Having built a reputation for producing excellent “pre-war” style guitars, the Blueridge brand is slowly gaining ground thanks to designs based on guitars manufactured and sold in the United States over the years. 1930 and earlier.

Owned by Saga Music, the Blueridge brand are favored by many artists compared to the two major guitar brands, Gibson and Martin Acoustic, because their prices are much lower for the same selection.


This brand has been known for nearly 150 years in business. This guitar is one of the best acoustic brands. It’s designed in a vintage model. This guitar brand is famous for being an innovation leader.

It’s easy to buy them at major online as well as in-store music retailers. In addition, this unit uses Gibson’s designs and specs.

It’s actually the lower-priced versions of high-end Gibson guitars. So, you can choose it for a fraction of the price.


Taylor is also one of the best acoustic guitar brands we want to list here.

Their guitars are famous not only for their ease of playing but also for cutting-edge craftsmanship.

Also, they can attract many players because of their high-end guitars in the $2,000+ range. In addition, they offer a great lineup of affordably priced guitars.

These units come with ebony fretboards as well as super slim necks. That’s why you can easily and quickly play it.

Its neck also is comfortable for players. This brand offers top-notch proprietary electronics. That makes it become one of the best acoustic-electric guitars.​

Many people choose this brand because of its high quality. Plus, they are satisfied with the customer service Taylor brings.

Top guitar manufacturers brand

By the end of the 1930s, Gibson had become the leading manufacturer of acoustic guitars, even showing signs of overtaking the cult Martin brand.

Martin & Co

This brand is popular for being featured in countless hit tunes. In addition, it is also famous for the top-of-the-line $2,000+ models.

The brand ensures to make great guitars for players on any budget. Martin is well known for their dreadnoughts.

This brand is a great choice for those who are looking for one for playing folk or bluegrass music. These products promise to give you the classic sound you want.

Especially, this brand offers a special sound that can’t mistakable to other manufacturers.

Furthermore, these guitars can be able to give warmth in tone as well as sensitive dynamics.


You may not know this brand produced classic mandolins over 100 years ago. Then, they started out making acoustic guitars as well as iconic electrics such as SG, the Les Paul, and Flying V.

That’s why this brand promises to give you what you can expect. There are a lot of classic acoustic guitar models when it comes to Gibson.

The fact is that their high-end guitars can be able to outclass the best from the Taylor or Martin mentioned above.


This brand is famous for its Telecaster guitars as well as its iconic Stratocaster guitars. Moreover, these guitars are also a go-to brand for acoustic guitars.

Many famous musicians choose to play the Fender guitars. When it comes to the Fender brand, there is a variety of accessories for players.


This brand is famous among metal players. Metal players still are keen on using Jackson guitars rather than others available in the industry.

The brand comes with some famous models such as Dinky, King V, and Soloist.

They ensure to produce high performance and sound. They are great for metal players because of their dominant sound performance and solid looks.

This brand offers a wide range of guitars, so you can easily choose one on your budget.

Jackson Guitar


Yamaha is one of the best brands in the music industry. It’s a popular name due to electric guitars, bass guitars, designing organs, and other musical instruments.

They are available in great regarding looks as well as performance.

This brand offers a wide range of choices for both beginners and intermediate players. We recommend you choose Yamaha FG700 because of many reasons.

The fact is that Yamaha has become the third best guitar brand in the world today.


We’ve mentioned the list of best guitar brands. Hope you find it useful for your next acoustic guitar purchase.

Each of these brands above promises to give you a quality instrument. They can last for a long time.

Moreover, they also give you gorgeous music. All these brands come in different sound capabilities. So, players can comfortably choose the best one according to their style.

If you are looking for a guitar with a vintage look and style, we advise you to choose some brands like Ibanez, Epiphone, Taylor, or Martin brand.

And, consider buying Yamaha, Gibson, and Fender if you plan to buy an electric guitar. The last choice is the Jackson brand.

There’s no doubt, it’s the best choice for the metal players.