How To Use Guitar Amp?

Amp is an essential part of the guitar. You have the best electric acoustic guitar for the money, and this guitar has the best guitar strings, but you do not know what the amp is and how to use the amp, it will be a big problem.

Thus, in this article, I want to show you everything about the amp. It is the electronic part that has the ability to amplify the electric guitar to create the sound with a louder volume.

What is the amp?

What is the amp?

One thing you need to know is that the guitar amp is the equipment with the design for strengthening the electrical signal from your fingers.

Using the guitar amp is an important skill that you need to learn first. I have to say to you that learning this skill is not difficult and spend your time much.

You just need to concentrate on what you want to learn and be hard work in finding out the information related to how to use the guitar amp. I believe that everything will be in your hands.

You should remember that every amp has a different tone, so all the amps have a variety of adjustment knobs to change these tones follow what you like.

Install your guitar and prepare the amp

Don’t worry, this job is very simple. I will guide you step by step

Step 1

You need to link all the power cables of the amp. Notice that all the guitar and amp bass have a similar power cable and mostly the cable can be separated from its amp.

When the cable is separated, you need to plug the end of the cable into the amp. You will see the holes on the side instead of the prongs extending outward.

After that, you take the other end of the cable and plug it into the power outlet. You can use the surge protector to protect your amp from outside damage. It also helps you a lot when you begin to produce the sound and test the pedals.

It will be risked if you do not make sure that the power socket is not grounded. Hence, remember to check it, it is grounded when it has three prongs.

Install your guitar and prepare the amp

Install your guitar and prepare the amp

Step 2

You may need a separated cabinet and head. As you know, combo amps are now very common. It means that when you buy the amp in the market, it would be a combination of the amp and the speaker in a box.

Besides, if you are working with the separated amp, I will demand you a set of speakers in the form of the cabinet. You can run the quarter-inch cable from the back of the cab. When everything is done, the cabinet plays the role of a container that keeps one or more speakers.

Do not be hesitate when buying the amps combo because it also gives you a lot of choices for using the built-in speaker or work with a larger speaker cabinet as the requirement.

Step 3

In this step, you have to plug the amp into your guitar by running the quarter-inch audio cable from the input jack on the amp to the output of your guitar. Make sure that connecting when the amp is turned off and do not turn it on when nothing is plugged because it can do harm to the amp’s components.

You should know that some kinds of the amp have more than one input jack and it represents the different options for your to play. For an instant, channel one is clean and the channel to has the reverb.

Step 4

It is time for you to turn on the amp. You have to be aware of 2 types of amps. The one is solid-state, and the other is the tube amp. For the solid one, it has a simple button or a flip switch to power it on.

However, tube one often has two switches one labeled called power, and another marked called standby. You can turn on both switches for tube one so as to make the sound.

How To Use Guitar Amp?

Especially, the tube amp will take the longest time to make the sound because the tube amp needs time to warm up. Moreover, the standby switch is very good at keeping the amp warmed up for running during the short breaks when playing.

You need to be alert that the power can be in front of the amp and labeled or it can be located on the top of the amp, or sometimes in the back of amps. If you get a problem with the location of the switches, you can check the front and the back of the amp in a lit area.

In cases that you are playing the gig and load on your device on the stage before you perform, you just need to turn the power switch on. I believe that it will make the tube of your amp warm easily. Finally, when you are ready for playing, you have to flip the standby switch.

How To Use Guitar Amp?

How To Use Guitar Amp?

The above information is just one way to use the amp. You have to know more about using the guitar amp. For example, how to adjust the volume of the tone, the EQ of the guitar’s tone, and the volume of the amp.

Besides, you also need to learn about adding the other effects to your amp such as using the additional pedals and how to upgrade your amp. All of that is the necessary knowledge for those who want to be better and more professional in playing guitar.

However, I can not show all the skills on one page, so I promise that I will take more time to explain more about the other techniques for using the amp. I desire that you can learn more from my sharing.

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