About us

Hello, I’m Mary J Moore,

With a decade of guitar experience and five years in the professional realm, I now teach, practice, and lead a balanced life. At Electricmelody.com, my guitar blog delves beyond strings, exploring practicing techniques, rhythm, soloing, songwriting, gear, and lifestyle enhancement.

Find a wealth of free guitar lessons, chords, licks, scales, fingerstyle patterns, and more. I embrace simplicity and efficiency, elements that transformed my guitar journey, and I’m eager to share these insights with you, hoping to elevate your musicality.

Enjoy the blog and keep strumming!


About Us: Humming a favorite tune is a stress-reliever for all. Music is universal, and the guitar, often deemed the friendliest instrument, captivates hearts.

Born from a passion for music and a fascination with the guitar, Electricmelody offers guitar tips and reviews, aiming to streamline your musical pursuits.