The Full Martin DX1 Review – Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is the most popular musical instrument in the world. With only 6 simple strings, it can create memorable melodies and songs. As a result, many people dream of having a guitar to satisfy their love of music. However, it is not always easy for beginners to choose such a suitable guitar. 

Due to this fact, our Martin DX1 Review comes around to provide you with an overview of what a good guitar is like. Let’s start with the specification feature!

Martin DX1 Dreadnought


Below are the specification features of Martin DX1. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

  • The size of the body part: D-14 Fret
  • The top part: made of Solid Sapele
  • Rosette: follow the inlaid style
  • The material of the back part: black HPL
  • The material of the side part: black HPL
  • The material of the neck part: Birch laminate
  • Nut material: made of white Corian
  • Material of fingerboard: Richlite
  • Neck form: follows modified low oval
  • Headstock: Solid and standard taper
  • Scale length: 25,4 inches
  • Width of the fingerboard at the nut: 1-11/16 inches
  • Width of the fingerboard at 12th fret: 2-1/8 inches
  • Saddle: 16 inches with white Micarta

Martin DX1 doesn’t have an eye-catching outlook

  • Number of frets clear: 14
  • Number of the frets total: 20
  • Bride style: one style belly
  • Space between bridge string: 2-1/8 inches
  • Suggested strings: MSP + 4100 Coated Light Phosphor Bronze
  • Bridge and End Pins:  contains from  white with black dots
  • Pickguard: Delmar
  • Tuning machines: made of chrome mixed with small knobs


Martin DX1 Review

The great feature we appreciate about Martin Guitar is its alternative materials in its structure. The question is can the Martin X series stand out by its features compared to other series?

To answer this question, let’s have a look at Martin DX1 in detail.


We would say Martin has found their way in creating a guitar with materials that stand the test of time and produces a high-quality tone. The materials are a combination of modern-technical materials with traditional tonewoods.

Martin also invests in the materials of this expensive guitar.

If you take a glance at Martin DX1, the first impression is it resembles a mahogany body, but it‘s not! The body of this guitar is made of high-pressure laminate or HPL for short.

According to Martin manufacturer, this is an eco-friendly material that can bear the tone quality as good as wood. Meanwhile, the neck part is made of a beautiful Stratabond with a rust layer of finish.

Now have a closer look at the trimmings! It is a perfect combination of a Tusq saddle, chrome tuners, and a Corian nut. The fingerboard is structured in a complicated way as the DX1-E acclimated with the Morado material.

The new models utilize dark Richlite, and the fingerboard is afar with an arch by Corian-constructed nuts.

Its headstock part is structured with 6 strings. Besides, the DX1-E series possesses a straight tapper and newer models allow solid ones. With DX1-AE and DX1-E series, users can experience head plates made of Mahogany arrangement HPL materials.

Meanwhile, the head plates of DX1-KAE are structured from HPL Koa and DX1-RAE from HPL Indian Rosewood.


Martin DX1 series impress players with their delicate look. If looking closely, you can see the close part is connected with the structure of the guitar by an accord close joint and another accord.

These features make the guitar durable and able. Who wouldn’t want to play such a guitar?

The series DX1-E guitar has an abdomen appearance bridge made of Morado materials. Meanwhile, added models fabricated of dark Richlite.

When it comes to the measurement, the arch cord is 2-1/8 inches, and the saddle part is 16 inches.

We like Martin guitars for their Fishman Blazon Pickups. While the series DX1-E possesses a Fishman Classic 4 Sonicore Pickup, other models use Fishman Sonitone Pickups.

Among Martin guitars, the DX1 series creates a comparable posture of performance that is holding you with its deep body, also keeping you back with a palm-filling oval profile and a fast-playing board.

All Martin guitars utilize Martin blazon tuners which are made of chrome amid. With the baby buttons, they create responsive tuners.

These types of guitars are suggested to use Performance Ablaze Phosphor Bronze strings for better performance. D’addario EXP 11-52 strings are highly recommended as well.

Martin DX1 Review: Pros and Cons


You may search for D-28 tone, but it is what you should look for in mahogany, not with Martin DX1. With DX1, it is like you will see the picture with different colors.

People love this guitar for its rich tone. The sounds can be a  bit brighter or lower depending on the string you choose to play.

We experienced the Martin Bronze strings and it was quite loud. But when you adjust the volume properly it will bear an authoritative warmth sound.

Martin DX1 Review: Pros and Cons

Before deciding to purchase this item, you should spend time getting to know its advantages and drawbacks.

Is Martin DX1 Good?

Yes, it is! Among Martin guitars, Martin DX1 is the archetypal style that you can buy at the most affordable price. However, it has all the qualities of a professional’s guitar.

With this one, you can play many types of music such as jazz, blues, pop, country, and bedrock.

No matter if you are a beginner, a guitarist that plays in a band, or someone who just loves to spend hours on your guitar, DX1 will fit you all.

The reason behind this fact is the slim tapered neck profile makes this guitar easy to play. The short-scale helps the player better stretch over many frets while trying to implement the complex chord.

The Bottom Line!

Although there are many types of guitars on the market for you to choose from, we still suggest to you Martin DX1 as one of the should-have guitars to add to your musical instrument box.

You may not like its look but this item promises to bring you high-quality sound. And the bonus point is it is easy to play. Through this Martin DX1 review, we hope you can decide which guitar that you should buy now! Good luck!


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