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Easy Guitar Chord (50%OFF +FREESHIPPING)

Easy Guitar Chord (50%OFF +FREESHIPPING)

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  • ✔ People with disabilities, arthritis and limited grip
  • ✔ Young children and beginners
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Feel the Gentle Pressure

Don't let joint issues or limited grip hold you back from playing guitar chords. No damage, no pain, eliminating the feeling of helplessness

  • Immediate Music Making

    Start playing the guitar right out of the box with our easy-to-use tool. No waiting, just jamming!

  • One-Click Wonders

    Simplifying the process of playing chords and making it easier for beginners to learn and practice

  • Labeled Chord Buttons

    Having the chord names written on the buttons helps users recognize and execute the chords accurately

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Easy Installation

The tool can be easily installed on the guitar using a single clip, making it convenient for users to set it up quickly without any hassle.

Perfect Match for Everyone

Whether you're an adult or a child, a beginner or an experienced player, the tool is designed to be accessible to everyone

Basic Universal Chords

With these chords, users can play over 90% of popular songs, allowing them to enjoy a diverse repertoire of music.


Who is this tool suitable for?

People with disabilities, arthritis, limited grip, young children and guitar beginners.

How easy is it to install the guitar chord practice tool?

Installing the tool is a breeze! It can be easily attached to your guitar with just one clip

Can I hold down multiple strings with this tool?

Absolutely! With a single click, you can effortlessly hold down multiple strings, making chord playing much simpler

How quickly can I start playing the guitar with this tool?

As soon as you attach the guitar learning system properly, you can start making music right away. No more waiting—begin playing from the minute it's attached!