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Glowing Bass Pick ( 50% OFF TODAY )

Glowing Bass Pick ( 50% OFF TODAY )

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Eye-Catching Aesthetics

The vivid, glowing lights add a captivating visual element to your performance, making your guitar playing stand out and leaving a memorable impression on your audience

  • Compact Portability

    Its ergonomic design not only offers convenience on the strum but also prioritizes playing comfort, reducing hand fatigue during extended practice or performances

  • Durable Construction and Grip

    Crafted from high-quality, long-lasting materials, the PickPal ensures durability while providing a superior grip and control

  • Durability and Longevity

    Provides 360,000 flashes or around 120 hours of continuous play, ensuring uninterrupted performances without frequent battery changes

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These picks make an excellent gift for guitar enthusiasts or musicians, offering a unique and innovative accessory that adds flair to their playing experience

Versatile Lighting Modes

With various lighting modes (e.g., steady, flashing, pulsating), these picks offer customization, creating a visually stunning effect that matches the music's tempo or mood

Enhanced Performance Visibility

Illuminate your playing with vibrant LED lights, making it easier to see your pick in low-light settings, on stage, or during performances, allowing for better precision and control


Do LED Guitar Picks affect sound quality?

LED picks don’t significantly impact sound quality, allowing for clear and resonant tones similar to traditional picks

What makes LED Guitar Picks stand out from regular picks?

LED Guitar Picks offer illuminated visibility, perfect for playing in dimly lit environments, adding a visual flair to your performance

How long do the LED lights on the picks last?

It is engineered to last with up to 360,000 flashes or approximately 120 hours of playtime, so you can focus on your performance without the hassle of battery replacement.

Are LED Guitar Picks durable?

Yes, they're constructed to be durable, often made from sturdy materials that withstand regular use and play.

Can I customize the lighting effects on the LED picks?

Most LED picks come with multiple lighting modes and color options, allowing for customizable effects to match different musical styles

Do LED Guitar Picks affect the playing experience or feel?

No, they're designed to maintain the typical pick's feel and functionality while adding the illuminating feature

Are there any special care instructions for LED Guitar Picks?

Generally, these picks don't require special care beyond regular cleaning and avoiding exposure to extreme conditions

Can these picks be used for different instruments or just guitars?

While primarily designed for guitars, LED picks can be used with various stringed instruments like bass guitars, ukuleles, etc