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Gladio Distortion Overdrive

Gladio Distortion Overdrive

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    "The Gladio is simply incredible, I've never played a drive pedal like it. It has an attack on the note which emphasises all the things l love about a strat neck pick-up. It's so quick "

    - Brian Mangan, Guitarists

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Exceptional Build Quality

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, GLADIO ensures reliable performance both on stage and in the studio, making it a valuable addition to any guitarist's gear collection

Global Access to Robben Ford's Dumble Tone

The Gladio is specifically designed to help worldwide Robben Ford fans to reach his fabulous Dumble tone.

You will not only get a similar tone but you’ll find renewed inspiration and ideas thanks to Gladio’s exceptional touch sensitivity and amp-like feel.

  • True Musical Power

    GLADIO combines distortion and overdrive effects seamlessly, enhancing the strength and sharpness of your music

  • Versatile Switching Modes

    Equipped with a toggle switch for choosing between "SINGLE" and "DOUBLE" modes, GLADIO enhances versatility. In Single mode, you can activate one channel at a time, while in Double mode, you can stack channels for a massive, fat Dumble-esque sound.

  • Easy-to-Use Controls

    GLADIO features intuitive controls for Gain, Tone, and Volume on each channel, allowing for effortless tone shaping and customization. Additionally, toggle switches like COMP and JAZZ/ROCK offer further tonal flexibility

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Dual Independent Channels

With two distinct channels, GLADIO provides versatility by offering a wide range of sounds, each with its own unique voice, catering to various playing styles and preferences.

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Aesthetic Appeal and High Quality

With sturdy metal casing and elegant design, GLADIO not only delivers excellent sound but also adds to the aesthetic appeal on stage or in your studio

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High Precision Design

Inspired by renowned preamps like Dumble, GLADIO delivers natural and precise response, enabling flexible and accurate sound manipulation

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How does this product change the sound of my guitar?

GLADIO offers a range of distortion and overdrive effects to create sounds from subtle to powerful, enhancing the clarity and strength of your music

Does this pedal include EQ integration?

Yes, GLADIO is equipped with EQ control knobs, allowing you to adjust the tone according to your preferences from bass to treble

Is this product easy to use?

With a simple interface and easy-to-understand control knobs, GLADIO is user-friendly for both beginners and experienced players

Does this product require a separate power source?

GLADIO can operate on a standard 9V DC power supply, saving energy and ensuring easy usage

Can this product be used for both live performances and recording?

Yes, GLADIO provides professional sound quality suitable for both live performances and recording sessions

Does this product come with a warranty?

Yes, GLADIO comes with a manufacturer's warranty policy to ensure customer satisfaction